Electric scooter repair

08 March 2020

I've wanted to play with individual electric mobility for a while, so when a listing for an inexpensive electric scooter in an unclear functional state appeared on a classifieds website, I jumped on the opportunity.

Sous-vide and Yogurt Maker v2.0

15 November 2014

We've been using our Sous-Vide temperature controller a lot lately to make yogurt, and it has attracted the curiosity of our roommates and colleagues. To make it more user friendly and easier to build, I tried to design a more finished product with easily sourceable parts.

Light display in a 3D-printed model

13 October 2014

As part of her research at the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind at UC San Diego, in the research laboratory of Prof. Ralph Greenspan, my sister uses advanced microscopy techniques to observe the activity of the brain of the fruit fly (Drosophila Melanogaster) in three dimensions. 3D data isn't trivial to display on a conventional 2D screen like a computer monitor, so I started thinking about ways to show it on a real model.

Arduino PID control for sous-vide cooker

22 May 2014

A while ago, I made this arduino temperature controller, for sous-vide cooking and for making yogurt in our cheap slow-cooker. It's been used a lot but was somewhat limited by the simple temperature control algorithm which simply turns the heat off when the temperature is above the setpoint, and back on when it drops below. Any engineer would know that this is not an effective way to control temparature ! Still, we could use it to make some delicious sous-vide salmon.


20 May 2014

As a gift to myself for finishing grad school, I ordered all the parts I needed to make a quadcopter. Inspired by the amazing videos by TeamBlackSheep, David Windestål and others, the long term goal is to make a compact quad capable of transmitting video from an on-board camera in real time, and be piloted in first-person-view (FPV). I love the idea of goint to visit places inaccessible otherwise, of course without putting other in danger or invading their privacy.

DIY 3D Projector

08 December 2013

When the backlight of an old laptop of mine died, I looked into projects that could repurpose and salvage its LCD screen. I quickly found myself absorbed in the realm of DIY projectors, and in particular in the LumenLab Forum, which was one of the best resources out there on the subject at the time. The forum is now dead, however, fortunately, most of the content can still be accessed via the Wayback Machine which has an archive of the old posts. There are a couple other good resources out there, and, in particular, a very good french forum named Allinbox.

1975 Vita Sprint Chevalier

26 August 2013

When I arrived in Boston, I bought this bike for $50 as a temporary solution for my commute. It was very rusty and I had to straighten the front chainrings, but it served me well for more than a year, until the front brake lever failed and the rear wheel hub got loose and it became too dangerous to ride it.

3D printed airplane model

05 December 2011

My parents are pilots, and they own a little 2-seater airplane, designed by a french company called Avions Piel. For a christmas gift, I thought I would make a little model of their plane, so I asked a friend (thanks Chris!) to show me how to use Rhino to make a 3D model of a real object. It was then printed on a Dimension BST 1200 ES 3D printer, in the DMSE department at MIT.

Self-irrigating terrace garden

01 May 2011

We have the chance to live in an apartment with a big terrace. It would have been a shame not to take advantage of it and make it our own. Plus it's mostly oriented south, so we get plenty of sun in the summer.

Maple Bed Frame

20 December 2010

Here's an early woodworking project of mine, where I reused the perfectly fine slats of an otherwise decrepit bedframe bought on Craigslist. Because of my minuscule bedroom at the time, it was difficult to fit a queen size bed, so I decided to build a frame that would minimize the footprint by being completely concealed under the mattress.

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